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Yukon Gold mining opportunity

Yukon Placer Gold Mining

The Yukon Gold Mining Venture with is the opportunity to obtain and mine Placer gold mining properties in the Yukon.

Our mining plan encompasses strict environmental regulations to provide a minimal impact to the ecology of the Yukon. This form of mining uses what is called a “Closed Circuit”. Water that is used in the mining process does not re-enter the environment but is re-used in the washing process. Land and trees that are disturbed through the mining process are replaced.

Our goal is to be in the forefront of Mining Technology using the opportunities that are available to set a new economical and environmental standard.  We know that we will have the technology to provide greater returns in any industrial venture with the least environmental impact  and higher fiscal returns.

I have added a brief description on the mining process and what is involved.

What is Placer Gold Mining?

Mining Methods and Publications

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