With our more than 50 years of placer Gold and Silver recovery experience in the precious metals mining industry, KEMACAN is pleased to introduce our innovative thinking and new environmentally sound mining practices to the world.

DIG DEEP into our Gold and Silver mining website to learn all you can about our unique approach to land management, soil remediation and reforestation practices, and see for yourself how we put the latest, “second-generation” water, thermal, wind and solar energy generation technologies to use with your own eyes.

KEMACAN – The NEW Gold Rush – We welcome YOU Being Involved!

About UsWho We Are

KEMACAN is a state-of-the-art placer gold and silver, precious metal mining company founded on the principles of giving back a healthy and pristine natural environment to the Earth in return for, and from, the resources and wealth the Earth provides.

"We do not inherit the Earth from our parents...
... we borrow it from our children!”

Conceived in 2011, with our Strategic Partners now positioned to manage a 100% land reclamation, soil remediation and reforestation of established trees and indigenous plant life, KEMACAN has begun acquiring gold and silver placer mining claims in the heart of the Klondike to commence operations in the 2015 mining season.

– You can get Involved in the New KEMACAN Gold Rush Today!

Strategic Partnerships

With our Strategic Partners, KEMACAN is ‘reforesting the way’ to provide THE Path for other mining companies, communities and individuals from around the world to usher in new and better practices through ‘Reforestation Sponsorship’ and ‘Alternative Energy’ solutions! If you would like to learn more about our current mining projects, as well as how you can be involved, then please click HERE.

Environmentally Conscious Mining

We pride ourselves on adhering to strict environmental standards, from which our JV Partners can create opportunities for people all around the globe. Our current mining operations are a clear demonstration of our commitment to the environment. If you would like to join the growing numbers that support our efforts, then please click HERE for more details.

Abundant Opportunity

Through our Joint Venture Partners there exist unique opportunities for people, to not only support the KEMACAN environmentally sound mining practices, but to also benefit from others providing support. To learn more about how you can take advantage of rare and exciting opportunities through our Joint Venture Partners, please click HERE.

Meet Our Joint VenturePartners

Reforestation Sponsorship & Recovery JV Partner

ECOE - “Every Child on Earth” – In working with ECOE to spearhead our Soil Remediation and Reforestation goals, KEMACAN saw that ECOE’s slogan of “We help smart people plan ahead” said it all. Today, ECOE has ushered in The NEW Gold Rush for us all with their Reforestation Sponsorship plan!

Soil Management & Land Reclamation JV Partner

BSE - “Breakthru” - With a New Horizon in Soil Science and 100% Organic approach to Plant Health and Pest Control, BSE instantly became the ONLY solution for KEMACAN gift-back to the Earth… from soil to seed guaranteed!

Water & Wind Energy Generation JV Partner

EPD - “Eco Power Direct” - Powered by wind or water, the Portable EPD Dual-48-V Turbine gets energy generation to the most remote locations in the world and makes hot water too – The KEMACAN choice in remote power!



We are currently in the process of acquiring 21 claims by the Indian River.

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We are currently in the process of acquiring 20 claims by the Indian River.

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We are currently in the process of acquiring 13 claims by Hunker Creek.

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We are always on the lookout for new claims. Please contact us if you are looking to sell.

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